Who is the tl;dr sec community?

The tl;dr sec newsletter community is full of passionate security professionals who want to stay at the top of their game by keeping up with the latest security news, tools, and resources, as well as keep abreast with current research at conferences.

Subscribers vary from hands-on security professionals working as application security engineers or SOC analysts, to security managers, to heads of application or product security, as well as CISOs, CSOs, security founders, and a VC or two.

What can I do to sponsor?

If our goals and values align, I’ll share a blurb about your open job requirement or product in an issue of tl;dr sec and include it in the write-up that is posted to the blog.

Note: I will not endorse a product I don’t have first hand experience with nor recommend a company’s culture that I’m not familiar with.

However, I will ask you specific technical questions about them, things that I would want to know, and share those with the communty.

Sponsorship Details

Sponsoring the tl;dr sec newsletter entails a brief blurb about the job req or product at the top of the email, and a brief blurb about the company at the bottom.

Here are some illustrative templates.

Job Posting Example

Acme Corp is hiring Application Security Engineers

"Acme Corp is the leading provider of the fastest, most innovative widgets, enabling their customers to be more productive at work and have better relationships with their spouses."

  • Compensation: $100,000 - $120,000 base, 1000 RSUs, $10k-$30k performance-based bonus
  • Location: Bay Area, Seattle, or remote for senior applicants
  • Tech Stack: We have a Rails monolith that we're gradually refactoring into microservices that run on Kubernetes in AWS. Front-end is React. Some new microservices are in Golang.
  • Day-to-day Responsibilities: Threat modeling new applications, helping with triaging bug bounty, internal pen tests, secure code review, developer training.
  • Team size: Currently the AppSec team is 3 people. We plan to grow to 6 over the next two quarters.

You can see a link to the official job requirement [here].

Product Example

Company Blurb Example

About Acme Corp

  • Company Size: Currently 500 employees, 30% engineers. We were 350 people last year and we plan to grow to 800 employees over the next year.
  • Funding Status: We've raised a $50M Series C in February from Legit Venture Partners.
  • Primary Competitors: Widgtr Inc, Other Brand LLC.
  • Why we're better than our competitors: