The 8-Figure Email Newsletter — Morning Brew

First few hundred / thousand subscribers were a grind, just continually putting out content.

They have a referral scheme where you get things like:

Out of the million subscribers

They’ve only started doing paid acquisition in the past 2 years but has been very effective on FB and Instagram.

If you don’t open 4 weeks straight they send them an automated email that says if you don’t click this button we’re going to remove you from the list.

They’ve had a few Macbook give-away days, where they’ll give a Macbook to the person who referred and the person who was referred - they grow mid 5 figures of subscribers on those days.

Asset inventory


security signals (vladimir de turckheim)

Make all the data they have available to security teams so they can automate as muchh of their workflow as possible.

Customer interview

Stories from the field - Poorna Udupi, CTO at GoodMoney, previously LyraHealth and Health, security engr at Netflix

Reveal: product demo by Cedric Tessier


Can you use WAF and in-app inventory separately?

Pricing of features - still being worked on, will define in next few days.

How does the app inventory work and what data does it discover today and in the coming months?

There’s lot of interest on product reveal - when will it be available for customers? What does reveal use for scnaning engine? How configurable for customers?

They’ve had good success reaching out to people for sponsorship deals by looking for: who is already spending money in this space? And on newsletters?

They charge by number of opens, which they think is better than cost per million CPM impressions or a flat fee, because at least this way you know people may have actually looked at your ad.

They have 3 sales people, many inbound, but mostly trashy. They do mostly outbound.

What is the best medium to give subscribers your content?

What content would be most helpful to them? Things that actually make a difference?

How does this add value for our users?

For any new product they’re thinking about pursuing, he always thinks, “How can I make this a habit for our users?”

It all comes back to expectation.

Yo uhave to love what you’re doing so much and believe in the value you’re providing, bc if you’re expecting something to happen overnight or over a year, you’re setting your expectations theh wrong way.

He’s done the Morning Brew every day for the past 4 years. He’s thought about it every single day.