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2019-08-21 (after tl;dr sec #6 )

Genuinely appreciate and really enjoying the work @clintgibler is doing at … it’s a joy to see it show up in my inbox. I don’t say that about many things. Go sign up.

I personally appreciate the commentary/color/talk summary. If anything I’d like to see more of it.

I would love to hear your expert analysis/take on things.

Same for me! Links are also helpful in case you have less time

But I really appreciate the summaries with your comments and ideas the most! Thx a lot for all the work and effort you put into this! Always find some inspiring aspects :thumbsup: :) :pray:🙏

David Nichols via Signal:

Also, your newsletters are too frequent and too good. I star them because there’s stuff I want to act/follow-up on, but a new one arrives before I get the chance. I’m not three newsletters behind on acting. -_- John Melton

For me, both are quite helpful. Links are great b/c they are high fidelity. Analysis is great b/c I learn from more perspectives. I know time is constrained though - both provide an excellent community service.